International and local dignitaries participated at the conference organized by OBA in Budapest at 23rd November 2012 entitled „Tightening Financial Regulation, Broadening Role of Deposit Insurance – Resolution Serving Financial Stability”. The event focused on the European concept of the stability and resolution of the banking system. Participants acquainted with the US reactions of the crises and also some of the Hungarian dilemmas.

Program of the conference: download from here.


Media coverage:


1. Financial Crisis Prevention and Management in the US – Fred Carns
2. Hungary seminar resolution_23 11 2012_Mr Jerzy Pruski_BFG
3. European DGSs’ role in Resolution – Thierry Dissaux
4. Betétbiztosítás és válságkezelési törekvések az EU-ban – Farkas Ádám
5. Regional Overview – Deposit Insurance Bank Resolutions – Leslie Sulenta
7. Presentation of Károly Szász
8. Mit várhatunk a Bankuniótól – Király Júlia – MNB
9. Válság – kezelés, válságkezelés – Bod Péter Ákos


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