As the first DI scheme in the CEE region OBA was established in 1993. Since then it compensated more than 180,000 depositors in 17 bank failures. Exposing the main challanges of the last 25 years of operation we organized a conference where OBA’s current and former leaders and colleagues, representants of the banking sector, local as well as international partners where all invited. Presentation held by EFDI Chairman Thierry Dissaux is available. (link) Articles of the Special Issue of Economy & Finance periodic is will be published in next days in our channels.

Event’s program

Presentation of Thierry Dissaux

European Cooperation in Deposit Insurance – Thierry Dissaux

Finance & Economy

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Finance & Economy articles

3-8 Kallóné

9-16 Kovács Levente

17-26 Banai-Lang

27-40 Vajai-Tóth

41-56 Kómár-Sulyok

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