In its decision  H-JÉ-I-86/2019 the Central Bank of Hungary (CNB) withdrew the operational licence of NHB Növekedési és Hitel Bank Zrt. (hereinafter referred to as: NHB Bank, registered office: 1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 39.) and ordered the credit institution to be wound up. As a consequence of the decision, OBA begins paying compensation to the depositors pursuant to the provisions of Act CCXXXVII. of 2013 on Credit Institutions and Financial Enterprises (Credit Institutions Act) and completes the process within fifteen working days. 

Compensation amount

Pursuant to the Credit Institutions Act OBA pay out registered deposit and interest claims up to HUF 31,445,000, equivalent to no more than EUR 100,000 per person. The conversion takes place at the MNB foreign exchange rate of 14 March 2019.

There is no need to apply for compensation. The payment is based on the personal data (name, address etc.) as well the data of the deposits as recorded in the bank.

OBA prepares a settlement of each compensation amount and sends it to the depositors by registered mail with confirmed receipt to the address/registered office included in the bank’s database. If your address or other data have changed but you have not reported it to NHB Bank yet, please visit a customer service point in the NHB Branch (1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 7) with your documents. The parties eligible for compensation may expect the settlements from 22 March 2019.

Payment methods

During the 15 working days available for compensation, OBA uses the following payment channels.

  • If the compensation amount does not exceed HUF 500,000 the respective amount shall be sent to depositors who have an adress/registered office in Hungary by bank transfer after they have reported their bank account numbers in a manner indicated below.
  • Compensation amounts over HUF 500,000 shall be paid out to depositors who have an adress/registered office in Hungary at OTP Bank Nyrt., acting as the paying bank on OBA’s behalf. The details of the payment are included in the payment settlement sent to the clients by registered mail with confirmed receipt.
  • The compensation to all foreigners (depositors who do not have an address/registered office in Hungary) shall be sent by bank transfer irrespective of the above limit, and OBA shall send them the respective information in a registered letter in the subsequent days.

Methods of reporting bank account numbers

If you do not have an account in a credit institution other than NHB Bank yet, in order to assist the process described above, please open an account in a Hungarian credit institution as soon as possible and report the new account number in the NHB Branch. (The „Bank account reporting form” required for notification may be downloaded from our website at

When the depositor is a legal entity subject to compulsory company registration, the authorised company signatory(ies) may report the account number managed by a Hungarian credit institution other than NHB Bank to which the compensation should be transferred by signing the respective form. An account reporting form completed in such a case may be sent to OBA’s postal address by post (1535 Budapest, 793).

If the person eligible for compensation has died and the heirs have not yet reported the death to NHB Bank, please call OBA on 36-1-999-9669 or send us an email to, indicating your contact details for consultation.

We wish to inform the insured depositors of NHB Bank that no amount offset against any overdue debt pursuant to Section 215 of the Credit Institutions Act shall be paid out in the compensation process. When the deposit balance is blocked, the payment may be made pursuant to the legal regulations and the effective tax regulations shall also apply to OBA compensation.

If your deposit claim is higher than the HUF amount equivalent to EUR 100,000 or it is not insured by OBA, then a credit claim may be submitted in the winding up procedure for the deposit amount not paid out by OBA. Information on this procedure shall be provided by Pénzügyi Stabilitási és Felszámoló Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság.

Further information is available on OBA’s website (, through email sent to and on the phone at + 36-1-999-9669.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

Országos Betétbiztosítási Alap (National Deposit Insurance Fund)

Budapest, 18 March 2019