Press release


3 March 2015


The National Deposit Insurance Fund (NDIF) will start the indemnification of the depositors of the DRB Banking Group tomorrow, and will complete the process within 20 working days. The customers of BUDA Regionális Bank, Dél-Dunántúli Regionális Bank, Dél-Dunántúli Takarék Bank and Észak-magyarországi Regionális Bank can receive a maximum compensation of HUF 30,461,000, i.e. the HUF equivalent of EUR 100,000 per person, independent of whether they are individual or corporate customers. Up to HUF 100,000 the entire amount of the compensation will be delivered in cash to the customers’ homes by the Hungarian Postal Service. Depositors eligible for higher indemnities will be notified by post about the possible ways of withdrawing their money.

NDIF will start the indemnification of the depositors of the DRB Banking Group tomorrow, and will complete the process within 20 working days, by 31 March 2015 at the latest, after the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB) ordered the liquidation of the banks belonging to the banking group.

“Depositors of the affected banks do not need to take any action. They will be automatically indemnified by NDIF, which will notify them by post within the next few days. Indemnification related information will be published in the form of announcements in the national dailies, as well as in the dailies of counties in which the affected banks have branches. Customers can make inquiries via our telephone customer service centre, which is operational day and night,” Managing Director of NDIF András Fekete-Győr said.

NDIF will use the following payment channels to complete the indemnification of private individuals as soon as possible:

§ between HUF 500 and HUF 100,000 the amount of compensation will be delivered in cash to the depositors’ homes by the postal delivery person.

§ between HUF 100,000 and HUF 2.5 million the postal delivery person will deliver the depositors a notice specifying the post office in which they can withdraw their money.

§ between HUF 2.5 million and HUF 5 million the amount of compensation can be received using an NDIF Deposit Insurance Card. The card, the letter containing the relevant PIN code and the payment report will be sent to the depositor’s permanent address in separate letters. You can use the card to withdraw the amount you are entitled to at any OTP Bank cash machine (the daily limit is maximum HUF 800,000) or in a lump sum in an OTP branch or at a post office.

§ over HUF 5 million customers can make arrangements (deposits, transfers, cash withdrawal) about the amounts they are entitled to in the assigned savings bank branch.

Independent of the amounts concerned, legal entities, other organisations and private entrepreneurs can receive the amounts of indemnification they are entitled to after receiving the payment report and the attached information letter sent by post, in the savings bank branch specified in the payment report.


NDIF will post a detailed announcement about the indemnification process on its website ( The announcement will also be published in the national dailies Magyar Nemzet, Népszabadság and in the dailies of the affected counties (Somogyi Hírlap, Új Dunántúli Napló, Tolnai Népújság, 24 Óra, Nógrád Megyei Hírlap, Kelet-Magyarország, Hajdú-Bihari Napló, Heves Megyei Hírlap, Észak-Magyarország and Petőfi Népe – Wednesday issue) as well as in Fejér Megyei Hírlap and Zalai Hírlap (Thursday issue). Customers can make inquiries via NDIF’s customer service telephone number (06-40-918-918), which will be operational day and night until the end of the indemnification process. Calls will be charged at a discount rate.