Compensation step by step

Compensation administration from abroad

Private individuals

Please complete the bank account submission form. The fully completed and certified form (original copy) can be submitted to NDIF via regular post.

If you are registered for Hungarian e-governemental services (AVDH service) which is available also for non-Hungarian citizens then the bank account submission form can be submitted via e-mail (info at oba dot hu).

Non-private individuals (company type depositors)

The certified documents can be submitted to NDIF via regular mail. In the case of foreign companies, proof that the legal entity is eligible for compensation is also required (eligibility status statement form).

Certification of documents

The forms regarding bank account number submission must be certified. It could be done by a public notary (apostille), with Hungarian consular signature authentication or by the bank clerks’ signature of a branch of the account-holding credit institution. In the latter case, NDIF has the right to request additional documents from the depositors.


Postal address of NDIF

National Deposit Insurance Fund of Hungary
P.O. 270